Financial Planning is a collaborative process that involves working with financial professionals that are experts in their fields. For our comprehensive planning clients, we offer a complementary annual appointment with a tax consultant. The tax professional will review your previous returns and provide an outside perspective, strategy, and big picture thoughts on your current or future returns based on your individual goals and circumstances.

Tax Strategy

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As in sports, preparation happens in the off season. The tax filing season is not the time when you should be asking your CPA for guidance or discussing tax strategy. At Deller Wealth Management, we provide analysis and make recommendations based on your personal tax circumstances to ensure your portfolio is tax efficient. We partner with tax professionals and have ongoing conversations about which types of accounts you should be using to save for retirement, take distributions from, give gifts, make charitable donations from, or leave as inheritance. Some common topics that your advisor will discuss with you throughout the year include tax consequences of buying, holding, or selling different types of investments, Roth conversion strategies, and taxation on IRA distributions to ensure you are well positioned for the upcoming tax season.

At Deller Wealth Management, we partner with local CPA’s and Tax Consultants to best serve you in your tax planning needs. If you are already working with a professional, we will confirm your accounts align with your tax strategy. Need a referral? Think of us as your primary care physician referring you to a specialist. We negotiate discounted rates with tax professionals on your behalf and help schedule meetings, whether you are meeting in our conference room or your tax professional’s office.

Disclaimer: Deller Wealth Management and its advisors do not offer tax advice. You should discuss any tax matters with the appropriate professional. All expressions of opinion reflect the judgment of Deller Wealth Management and are subject to change. Fees for this service are collected by the outside professional you choose directly. Deller Wealth Management does not receive any economic benefit, directly or indirectly, from any third party for advice rendered to our clients. Nor do we, directly or indirectly, compensate any person who is not advisory personnel for client referrals.

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