Many people view estate planning as something to be addressed later in life or only after they have accumulated substantial wealth. The reality is that anyone who owns a home, has children, or contributes to a retirement account can benefit from a simple estate planning review. A basic understanding of estate planning can help you take care of the people who are important to you, potentially reduce taxes, and avoid common and costly mistakes. Deller Wealth Management provides you with the tools and resources you need to help make informed decisions about your future plans.

At Deller Wealth Management, we help locate and vet estate planning professionals to best serve your needs. If you are already working with a professional, we will confirm your accounts align with your estate plan. Need a referral? Think of us as your primary care physician referring you to a specialist. We negotiate discounted rates with these professionals on your behalf. We will coordinate the conversation and provide you the necessary tools, whether you are meeting in our conference room or your estate planner’s office, it is important to document your wishes.

Estate Planner Professional Fees

Fees for this service are collected by the outside professional you choose directly. Deller Wealth Management does not receive any economic benefit, directly or indirectly, from any third party for advice rendered to our clients, nor do we, directly or indirectly, compensate any person who is not advisory personnel for client referrals.

External Planning Resources

“Planning for Your Peace of Mind: A Guide to Medical and Legal Decisions”

Though not a substitute for legal advice, this booklet provided by the state of Michigan can help you organize your family’s personal, financial, and medical information.

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Secure and Simple Way to Stay Organized With Estate Plan Documents

Everplans life management tools guide you step-by-step through legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions so your family isn’t left with a stressful mess.

Learn More About Everplans

Please note that the information contained is not intended to constitute tax or legal advice. Always be sure to consult with your own tax and legal professionals regarding your own personal circumstances.

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