Our goal at Deller Wealth Management is to far exceed in value what you will ever pay us in a fee. Our focus is to cultivate meaningful relationships and truly help our clients with their financial needs. Our fees are completely transparent, and we strive to offer the best services with straightforward pricing, including:

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Wealth Management Advisory Fees

The minimum fee for this service is $3,000 annually. Clients with less than $240,000 in assets under management will be billed monthly at a rate of $250 per month to meet the $3,000 per year minimum. For clients with at least $240,000 in assets under management, our standard advisory fee is based on the market value of the assets under management and is calculated as follows:

Account Value Annual Advisory Fee
$0 – $500,000 1.25%
$500,001 – $1,000,000 1.00%
$1,000,001 and above 0.75%


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