Names: Haley & Justin
Ages: 36 & 38

Primary Goal

Haley, a nurse practitioner, and Justin, an engineer, typical week is a blur of workday challenges and managing the active schedules of their three children. They have been busy excelling in their careers and starting a family, but hiring a financial professional is something that they have been thinking about for a while.

They feel ready to hire a professional to help advise on their finances and make sure they are aligned to meet their goals.

The Challenge

They were not actively engaged in their financial lives, given those other demands on their time. Multiple 401(k)s have been forgotten at former employers with uncertain investment strategies. They have accumulated significant savings sitting in their bank checking account that is not earning interest, they have not set up a will, and have no idea whether they are adequately insured. In general, they had no real roadmap toward achieving their vaguely-defined financial goals.

The Approach

By hiring a financial planner who is a Fiduciary, having a legal and ethical relationship of trust to keep the client’s needs and goals front of mind, Haley & Justin were able to clearly define and document their financial goals. Their advisor introduced them to an estate planner to help set up a will with guardianship for their little ones. They can sleep easier at night knowing they’ve started a planning process that will address their topics of concern as well as a few they hadn’t even considered.

The Results

Haley & Justin can rest assured that they are prepared financially for whatever comes their way. By engaging in a comprehensive planning process they:

  • Gained piece of mind that their investments are being closely monitored and are positioned to achieve their goals
  • Established 529 plans to save for their children’s future education
  • Implementing a tax-efficient investment strategy
  • Improved asset allocation to better align with their goals
  • Reviewed student loans and created a strategy to become debt-free

Haley & Justin can continue to enjoy the life they created with their beautiful family. They have the confidence in knowing they chose a financial planner they can trust, and they are well-positioned for their financial future.

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